#1 Marcedes Lewis Collector

                                                           Welcome to My Marcedes Lewis Collector Page!

My name is Mark and I am a Self Proclaimed Marcedes Lewis Super Collector!  I am most likely Marcedes Lewis's #1 Collector and collect anything Marcedes Lewis.

The Reason I started collecting Marcedes Lewis is because he is a standup type of guy that stays out of trouble and was a great college player at UCLA and is my Favorite Jacksonville Jaguars player.  The Jacksonville Jaguars are my home team and even though I am in the military(over 12+ yrs) I still find ways to support them.   I am stationed in Valdosta, Ga which puts me kind of close to them at approx 1 1/2 hours away.  When gas prices went up, I had to drop my season tickets that I had for two years and only pick a couple of games a year to watch in person.  I still manage to go to the first weekend of training camp to see my team practice and watch Marcedes progress through camp.  Take a look around, I will be updating my page as soon and as much as possible, so there is definitely more to come.  If you have any questions or comments, please drop me an email at hallma_m@bellsouth.net

Thanks for visiting and hope you enjoyed my site.

I will be updating pics of my memorabilia and also my Marcedes Lewis Trading card collection a little bit everyday as I get time.

Me and Marcedes Lewis at training camp 2008!